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Weird Girls Series Terms explained...

acute bloodlust - Occurs when a vampire goes too long without consuming blood. Increases the vampire's thirst to lethal levels. Remedied by feeding the vampire.

call - The ability of one supernatural creature to reach out to another, through either thoughts or sounds. A vampire can pass his or her call by transferring a bit of magic into the receiving being's skin.

change - To transform from one being to another, typically from human to beast and back again.

chronic bloodlust - Results from a curse placed on a vampire. Makes the vampire's thirst for blood insatiable and drives the vampire to insanity. The vampire grows in size from gluttony and assumes deformed features. There is no cure.

claim - The method by which a werebeast consummates the union between his or her mate.

clan - A group of werebeasts led by an Alpha. The types of clans differ depending on species. Werewolf clans are called Packs. Werelions belong to Prides, etc.

creatura - The offspring of a demon lord and a werebeast.

dantem animam - A soul giver. A rare being capable of returning a master vampire's soul. A master with a soul is more powerful than any vampire in existence as he or she is balancing life and death at once.

the "dark ones" - Any creature considered of pure evil such as a shape-shifter or demon.

demons - Creatures residing in hell. Only the strongest may leave to stalk on earth, but their time is limited, the power of good compels them to return.

demon children - The spawn of a demon lord and a mortal female. Demon children are of limited intelligence and rely predominantly on their predatory instincts.

demon lords (demonkin) - The offspring of a witch mother and a demon. Powerful and deadly. Unlike demons, who's time on earth is limited, demon lords may remain on earth indefinitely.

Den - A school where young werebeasts train and learn to fight in order to help protect the earth from mystical evil.

Elder - Werebeast Clans are governed by three Elders consisting of an Alpha, a Beta, and an Omega. The Alpha is the supreme leader. The Beta is the second in command. The Omega settles disputes between them and has the ability to calm by releasing bits of his or her harmonized soul or through a sense of humor muddled with magic.

exceptis - A male born every three centuries from the union of two witches. Possesses rare gifts. Often volatile, selfish, and of questionable loyalty.

force - Emme Wird's ability to move objects with her mind.

gold - The element was cursed long ago and has damaging effects on werebeasts, vampires, and the "dark ones." Supernatural creatures cannot hold gold without feeling the poisonous effects of the curse. A bullet dipped in gold will explode a supernatural creature's heart like a bomb. Gold against open skin has a searing effect.

grandmaster - The master of a master vampire. Grandmasters are among the earth's most powerful creatures. Grandmasters can recognize whether the human he or she turned is a master upon creation. Grandmasters usually kill any master vampires they create to consume their power. Some choose to let the masters live until they become a threat, or once they've gained greater strength to therefore take more power.

keep - Beings a master vampire controls such as those he or she has turned vampire, acquired by destroying another master, or a human he or she regularly feeds from.

Leader - A pureblood werebeast in charge of delegating and planning attacks against the evils that threaten the earth.

lone - A werebeast who doesn't belong to a clan, and therefore not obligated to protect the earth from supernatural evil. Considered of lower class by those with clans.

master vampire - A vampire with the ability to turn a human vampire. Upon their creation, Masters are usually killed by their Grandmaster for power. Masters are immune to fire, sunlight born of magic, and typically carry tremendous power. Only a master or another lethal preternatural can kill a master vampire. If one master kills another, the surviving vampire acquires his or her power, wealth, and keep.

mate - The being a werebeast will love and share a soul with for eternity.

misericordia - A plea of mercy in a duel.

moon sickness - The werebeast equivalent of bloodlust. Brought on by a curse from a powerful enchantress. Causes excruciating pain. Attacks a werebeast's central nervous system, making the werebeast stronger, violent, and driving the werebeast to kill. No known cure exists.

North American Were Council - The governing body of weres in North America, led by a president and several council members.

potestatem bonum - "The power of good." That which encloses the earth and keeps demons from remaining among the living.

purebloods (aka pures) - Werebeasts from generations of were-only family members. Considered royalty among werebeasts and carry the responsibilities of their species. The mating between two purebloods is the only way to guarantee the conception of a were child.

shape-shifter - Shape-shifters are born witches. They spend years seeking innocents to sacrifice to a dark deity. When the deity deems the offerings sufficient, the witch casts a baneful spell to surrender his or her magic and humanity. In exchange, a shape-shifter is born, powerful enough to command any form. Shape-shifters are the deadliest of all mystical creatures and carry the power of hell within them.

shift - Celia's ability to break down her body into minute particles. Her gift allows her to travel beneath and across soil, concrete, and rock. Celia can also shift a limited number beings. Disadvantages include not being able to breathe or see until she surfaces.

solis natus magicae - The proper term for sunlight born of magic, created by a wielder of spells. Considered "pure" light. Capable of destroying non-master vampires and demons. In large quantities may also kill shape-shifters. Renders the wielder helpless once fired.

surface - Celia's ability to re-emerge from a shift.

susceptor animae - A being capable of taking one's soul, such as a vampire.

Trudhilde Radinka (aka Destiny) - A female born once every century from the union of two witches possessing rare talents and the aptitude to predict the future. Considered among the elite of the mystical world.

turn - The rare ability to transform a human into a werebeast or vampire. Werebeasts pierce the heart of a human with their fangs and transfer a part of their essence. Vampires pierce through the skull and into the brain. Werebeasts risk their lives during the turning process as they are gifting a part of their souls. Should the transfer fail, both the werebeast and human die. Vampires risk nothing since they're not losing their souls, but rather taking another's and releasing it from the human's body.

vampire - A being who consumes the blood of mortals to survive. Beautiful and alluring, will never appear to age past thirty years. Vampires are immune to sunlight unless created by magic. They are also immune to objects of faith such as crucifixes. Vampires may be killed by the destruction of their hearts, decapitation, or fire. Master vampires or vampires several centuries old must have both their hearts and heads removed, or their bodies completely destroyed.

vampire clans - Families of vampires led by master vampires. Masters can control, communicate, and punish their keep through mental telepathy.

velum - A veil conjured by magic.

virtutem lucis - "The power of light." The goodness found within each mortal. That which combats the darkness.

Warrior - A werebeast possessing profound skill or fighting ability. Only the elite among weres are granted the title of Warrior. Warriors are duty-bound to protect their Leaders and their Leaders' mates at all costs.

werebeast - A supernatural predator with the ability to change from human to beast. Werebeasts are considered the Guardians of the Earth against mystical evil. Werebeasts will achieve their first change within six months to a year of age following birth. The younger they are when they first change, the more powerful they will be. Werebeasts also possess the ability to heal their wounds. Can live until the first full moon following their one-hundredth birthday. Werebeasts may be killed by destruction of their hearts, decapitation, or if their bodies are completely destroyed. The only time a were can partially change is when he or she attempts to turn a human. A turned human will achieve his or her first change by the next full moon.

witch - Witches are born with the power to wield magic. They worship the earth and nature. Pure witches will not take part in blood sacrifices. They cultivate the land to grow plants for their potions and use staffs, amulets, and talismans to amplify their magic. To cross a witch is to feel the collective wrath of her coven.

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