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The Weird Girls series takes place primarily in the Lake Tahoe region of California and Nevada.

All of their lives the Wird sisters, Celia, Taryn, Shayna and Emme have tried to keep their special abilites hidden from both humans and other supernatural creatures. The girls all sign-up for the Traveling Nurses Core to get away from their painful pasts and to see America. Not long after being introduced to the lovely Lake Tahoe Region via their latest Core assignment, the four Wird sisters  fall in love with the natural beauty of the area and decide to settle down there. They chip in together and buy a very nice fixer-upper in Dollar Point, California not far from the lake. The Tahoe region is becoming a hotbed of supernatural activity and as the girls soon discover the lake is not just another lake. It has its own energy and mysticism drawing vampires, werebeasts, witches and many other unique creatures to it like a magnet.

Lake Tahoe

Long ago, when Native American werebeasts inhabited Tahoe, supernatural creatures considered the lake one of the premier places for mystical energy in the world. When the Native American werebeasts left, the magic left with them. Now, things have changed. The magic of Tahoe  has risen once more. And, for good or for bad, enticing all beings magical to return.

Legend of the Cursed Gold

When the world was still new, and magic was at its strongest, a witch fell in love with a vampire.  The vampire didn't love her in return. He only loved his gold and the power it granted him.  The witch cast a spell to curse the vampire's gold, believing if she couldn't have her love, he couldn't have his.  The curse, fused by the witch's anger and bitterness, was powerful enough to extend to all preternatural creatures.  Neither vampire nor werebeast can touch gold long without it making them sick.  A bullet dipped in gold has the ability to explode a supernatural creature's heart like an atom bomb.

A word of caution: if you're trying to shoot a preternatural being with a gold bullet, you had better not miss.

The Vampires

Considered the rock stars of the supernatural world, vampires are immortals who will never appear to age past thirty years. Their favorite activities are feeding from humans, admiring themselves in the mirror, and tanning.  Yes, tanning.  Sunlight born of magic is the only light that can destroy a vampire. Vampires are powerful, intelligent, beautiful--and they know it.  Master vampires are especially arrogant and consumed with expanding their wealth and domains, much to the resentment of the weres.

The Werebeasts

Werebeasts guard and protect the earth from mystical evil.  Weres do not rely on the cycles of the moon to change. They are born resembling humans and will first change between six months to a year of age during the rise of a full moon. The younger the were is when he or she first changes, the stronger he or she will be. Weres, unless killed in battle or die from loss of their mates, will live until the first full moon following their 100th birthday, maintaining their heightened senses, strength, and ability to heal until their deaths.

The Witches

Witches are born with the power to wield magic. They worship the earth and nature. Pure witches will not take  part in blood sacrifices. They cultivate the land to grow  plants for their potions and use staffs, amulets, and  talismans to amplify their magic. To cross a witch is to feel the collective wrath of her coven.

The Shapeshifters

Shape-shifters are born witches, but their twisted desire for power turns them toward a dark path. They spend years seeking innocents to sacrifice to a dark deity. When the deity deems the offerings sufficient, the witch casts a baneful spell to surrender his or her magic and humanity. In exchange, a shape-shifter is born, powerful enough to command any form.

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