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The Weird Girls is Weird Girls Novella #.5  

"The Weird Girls is an amazing prequel to a new series. This new and upcoming author knows how to deliver suspense, humor, action and it’s a surprise that she is just coming out with a novella/novel now. Mark my words, Ms. Robson will make her name known in no time with this great UF series."  - Under the Covers Book Blog


"The Weird Girls is a fantastic introduction to the Wird sister’s world. The story takes off into an action packed thrill ride from the first few pages and never stops. The characters are well developed for a novella and the world building is creative...If you’re looking for a unique blend of the supernatural, magic, humor and girl power…look no further, the Wird sisters deliver!"   - Romancing The Dark Side

"This is a wonderfully imaginative, action packed story that sets up what looks to be a great new urban fantasy series by debut author, Cecy Robson...Robson writes with a sense of exuberance. I feel like she had as much fun writingThe Weird Girls as I had reading it."
- She Wolf reads

"I like the trials that Celia had to go through, they were insane, and I was sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next."
- Urban Fantasy Reviews

"Page after page it’s packed with non-stop action, a lot of conflicts and well-developed characters. The Weird Girls is fast paced read, one I can guarantee you you won’t be able to put down."    
- The Book-aholic Cat

"This was a strong introduction to what promises to be a great urban fantasy series. I’m getting hard to please when it comes to urban fantasy lately, but this hit all the write notes for me."          
- My Bookish Ways

REVIEWS (cont.)

"Considering this is a novella not a full length novel Cecy Robson managed to create an action packed story that left me excited to see what will happen next in Sealed with a Curse. If you're looking for a new urban fantasy series with a group of strong female heroines then I don't think you can go far wrong with this one." - Feeling Fictional

"The world building was fantastic.  For a novella, we aren't bogged down with too much information.  We get just enough mixed in with the fantastic plot to keep you turning the page eagerly in anticipation of what's to come... I am a fan for life now and I CANNOT WAIT to read Sealed With A Curse!  If this novella knocked my socks off, the first full length in the series is bound to kick major ass!"
- Sinfully Delicious Books

"This was so much longer than I was expecting and it was good. I mean, REALLY good. It was almost as good as the actual book, itself...I loved every moment."
- Book Marks the Spot

"This novella was a welcome intro into the world of the Wird Sisters and I loved it. I highly recommend this nice and sweet novella to others. Go pick up your copy because you will not be disappointed." - Doctor's Notes

"I really liked this little introduction to the Weird Girls. I can't wait to read the next book in this series, Sealed With A Curse."
          - Moonlight Reads

The quotes posted on this page are just a small sample of the many fabulous reviews wriiten for The Weird Girls novella and the Weird Girls Series by online bloggers, magazine and newspaper reviewers.

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