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Once Kissed

"Once Kissed was another fantastic installment in Ms Robson's ever popular NA series. I am not the biggest fan of NA, but this is one author and series that I continue to read and love. I always enjoy Ms. Robson's fantastic characters, entertaining and realistic stories, and I appreciate that her romances aren't heavy on the drama and angst. If you want a good NA romance, I highly recommend checking out this book." --Rainy Day Ramblings

REVIEWS (cont.)

"I love books about large, loud families and was excited to dive into Cecy Robson’s, O’Brien Family series with the first book Once Kissed.  I immediately slipped into the story and giggled when I learned how this second chance romance began. Once Kissed earned a spot on my favorites of 2015 list." --Caffeinated Book Reviewer

"I loved this book. It had me crying, laughing and furious, and sighing in contentment as well as shouting “Oh my God” and “No” as well as a couple of other things I won’t mention. I honestly can’t wait for the next book, and the one after that etc, to find out more about this wonderful family and the people they fall in love with." --April Hollingworth

"Robson builds characters that are HUMAN – no they aren’t always doing the right thing, or even particularly likable all the time, but you understand them and their struggles, and like them even more for the growth and heart they display.  When you add in the family relationship between the O’Briens and that lovely mix of personalities that fights, picks, supports and above all loves one another no matter what, this story becomes so much more than just a tale about Curran and Tess." --I Am, Indeed

"Ah, another Cecy Robson series for me to obsess over. Once Kissed is the first installment of the O’Brien Family series, and I enjoyed it immensely!"  --Christy's  Love of Books

"Once Kissed was a delightful and sensual read with a cheeky hero and a sharp heroine. We also get a hilarious clue as to who the next O’Brien sibling will be to find love when Declan, who is used to being a smooth talker, makes the ultimate flub. In the meantime, Curran and Tess will keep you enthralled!" --Heroes and Heartbreakers


"Cecy Robson always writes such brilliant characters and that is definitely the case again in Once Kissed...Throw in the funny banter between the O'Brien siblings and you're definitely on to a winner with this one! I'm excited to get to know the rest of the family better and I'm sure I'm going to love this series just as much as the Shattered Past one." --Feeling Fictional

"Once Kissed is a very sexy romance between two people who find themselves needing each other more than they could possibly have imagined." --Everyday Ebook

"I love second chance romances and when you toss in a huge, crazy Irish family with nothing but love for each other… no one stands a chance against the O’Briens.  THAT is what made this romance a riotous hit with me."  --Addicted to Happily Ever After

"Cecy Robson: an amazing author that captivates you with her words. I enjoyed immensely the story and couldn’t put it down. Her writing is so good that detached me from what was around me and made me give my time on reading this story. And I didn’t regret it! I really can’t wait for the next book in this amazing O’Brien Family series that she set in motion." --Collector of Book Boyfirends

I loved the opposite-attract vibe in their relationship. Curran is funny, flirty, and sexy while Tes sported a librarian look, very serious and very closed off. Despite the difference the pairing worked and not a sight of instalove in their relationship. Kudos to Cecy Robson, the romance was well done!" --Under the Covers Book Blog

The quotes posted on this page are just a small sample of the many fabulous reviews wriiten for Once Kissed and the O'Brien Family by online bloggers, magazine and newspaper reviewers.

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