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Cecy Robson
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Once Loved

The O'Brien Family Series
Once Loved
by Cecy Robson
Published by Penguin Random House
Publication Date: January 20, 2015
Shattered Past Series - Book Two
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"Once Loved is a beautiful, emotional and painful story about overcoming the past and healing with love. I was hooked to this story. The characters are tremendous, the storytelling amazing and the romance is outstanding. If you are in need of a terrific New Adult read, I highly recommend picking up Once Loved." - Rainy Day Ramblings

He’s the campus golden boy. She’s picking up the pieces of her broken past. But their differences only make their connection more explosive.

Every memory Lety Tres Santos has from her childhood comes with a scar—some emotional, some physical. Her father is an abusive drug addict, and her mother enables his destructive behavior. College offers Lety a fresh start . . . until her father finds a way to ruin that, too. Now, after losing her scholarship to kick off junior year, Lety must somehow stay in school, pay tuition, and turn a deaf ear to the whispers that follow her. And she intends to do it all without Brody Quaid’s help.

Brody is a lacrosse star, a 4.0 student—and as a freshman, he fell hard for the beautiful and spirited Lety. But their relationship crashed and burned because he couldn’t break through the walls she’s put up around her heart. With Lety hurting more than ever, Brody strives to win her back and make her believe in real love and true partnership. That will mean opening up secrets locked away in his own past—and trusting someone more than he’s ever dared.

Lety knows how painful it can be to depend on the wrong man. She also knows how much Brody wants to do this the right way. But it takes more than sizzling desire to move on and build a future together.

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Multi-published international author, double-nominated RITA® finalist, Maggie  Award winner, & Award of Excellence winner. Armed with a vivid imagination and irreverant wit. Creator of heartfelt romances, magical worlds, and emotional character-driven stories.
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Copyright 2011-2021  Cecy Robson, LLC. All Rights Reserve
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