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Let Me

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Let Me

"WOW!! Just WOW!!! I have to say that Cecy Robson has completely blown me away with Let Me. I’m an avid reader, and I love all sorts of books, but this one has probably touched my heart in ways that no other book has." -- Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews


"Let Me by Cecy Robson was a fantastic read.  It has equal parts humor, sexy, heartbreak, and romance with a very satisfying ending.  Ms. Robson did not disappoint." --Under the Covers Book Blog

"OMG! Robson delivered all the FEELS in a one two punch...If you love loud families, you will fall in love with this crazy, loving family! Let Me..read it, own it, love it!" --Caffeinated Book Reviewer

"One of the things I love about Cecy Robson is that her books are always true to life. She makes sure her characters are flawed as we all are in some way and she always gets it right. She’s not afraid to tackle the difficult issues and she does her homework. She is truly flawless and close to perfection as an author. Let Me is the story of two such people. Both flawed in some way by their pasts and responsibilities...Pick this story up. Pick this series up. Put the author on your #MustRead. It will be worth it. #TRUST"  --OMG Reads

"Ms. Robson delivered a well-written tale, of a close-knit family that me – as a reader – fell in love with --Harlequin Junkie

Devastatingly beautiful, heartbreakingly romantic and emotional, Cecy Robson's third book in her O' Brien Family series just might be my favorite yet. Rough, raw, heartbreaking, and sure to make your insides quiver with both rage and love, this book was truly something else." --My Guilty Obsession

REVIEWS (cont.)

"The emotions were powerful with a message that was uplifting and has me thinking of this story still and the engaging characters that made it possible.  Readers won't want to miss this story as Ms. Robson has once again crafted an unforgettable read that I highly recommend!" --Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess

"I'm just going to come right out and say it: I love the O'Brien family! " --Feeling Fictional

Let Me is another engaging and emotional read in Ms. Robson's The O'Briens Series. I love the characters and the story lines...I am addicted to this series, and I will continue to read what Ms. Robson writes as I appreciate that her stories are realistic, honest and romantic." --Rainy Day Ramblings

"This story is filled with hope and passion, a really great read. I strongly recommend this book to any romance reader. This book is not only a sports romance but a couple dealing with problems and finding a way to a happy ending. I'm looking forward to the next O’Brien book in this series. It’s definitely on my book list." --Night Owl Reviews (Top Pick)

"I really enjoy Robson’s writing. She does ‘tortured heroes’ so well. Let Me was no exception and certainly isn’t a light read. However, its powerful and I am so glad I read it!"  --The Book Desciple

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