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"FEEL ME is a delightful and refreshing story.  It is the fourth book in the O’Brien family series and is a stand-alone, although the characters are interconnected.  This is the first book I have read by Cecy Robson and now I want to read the other three books in this series." —Cocktails and Books

REVIEWS (cont.)

Ms. Robson has a talent for weaving tales that continue to impress. She creates these unique and complex characters that are in no way perfect but that manage to claim their own little space in my heart. The writing and editing is excellent. The pacing, imagery, and plotting strong and executed well. The book evokes emotion and has some humor. The sexy is off the scale :-p With this writer you get the full package. –Curvey and Nerdy

I just want to start with saying, just how much I have enjoyed Cecy Robson's O'Brien series! Every book seems to get better and better! And trust me, you we need heat shields, to protect you from the sparks flying between Declan and Melissa… Overall, the book was a joy to read! And completely addictive. The writing, plot, and character development was perfect, and makes me want more of the series. –Cara’s Book Boudoir

Like all of Robson’s books, the characters of Feel Me are complex and dynamic, the emotions are raw and real, and the ending is sweet and heartwarming. –The Book Disciple

I knew this would be amazing when I started it. Cecy Robson did not disappoint. I've loved everything I've read by her, several are on my favorites list, including this one. The epilogue was perfect and had me in more tears :) I can not wait for the next one! –Two Girls With Books

There is no cookie cutter recipe for these stories. Each one stands on its own with unforgettable characters and family that you want to run to (rather than from). This outing had laughter and love and so much pain at times that the emotions were almost overwhelming. Overwhelming in only the best of ways. This author has found words and characters that fast-track right into my heart… Each and every time. If you haven’t met the O’Briens I envy you – being able to meet them for the very first time… Thank goodness there are more siblings with their stories yet to be told! –Nerdy Dirty and Flirty

I found Declan and Melissa very passionate. Declan is a major case of alpha arrogance and Melissa is an independent, strong-willed woman. Put them both together and you have fireworks! They are two sides of the same coin. They fit perfectly. They were to each other exactly what each needed. Their story was truly full of heart. I loved every second of it. –OMG Reads

I get giddy with a new O’Brien Family novel hits my ereader and I knew that Declan’s story was going to be EPIC and it was!... I loved the dynamic between Declan and Melissa. Kinda a enemy to lover trope. The sparks definitely flew between the two. I wanted to smack Declan a time or two but I loved the story and couldn’t put it down once I started reading. I love this entire series, so if you haven’t started it- now is the time! –Becca The Bibliophile

You know what? Read it. Just… READ THIS SERIES. Start with book one, not because you have to, but because it should be savored from start to finish. This family—raucous, overwhelming, hilarious and tight-knit—should be appreciated for their realness and their flaws. –Panda and Boodle


“Cecy Robson always writes entertaining, sexy romances, they also have great messages for women. She often tackles tough subjects (sexual abuse, domestic violence) eloquently and thoughtfully, and her female characters are some of the strongest and most admirable women. Her heroes might be powerful, handsome and irresistible, but her heroines are, too, and they go toe-to-toe, round for round with these men as their equals in every way. Feel Me is an exceptional book, and Ms. Robson is on my auto-buy list.” –Harlequin Junkie

[Feel Me] was all I was hoping for.  So many layers of good development and a wide spectrum of reader emotions.  Those who love a strong family element and a deep relationship built contemporary romance should give this and the series a try.  –Delighted Reader

I loved Feel Me, it was such a good book. I enjoyed both characters and also seeing the characters from previous books. Feel Me was an emotional roller coaster from both sides.  – Cat’s Guilty Pleasure

I’ve been waiting for this story for awhile and I wasn’t disappointed.  Sexy, charming Declan meets the one woman who won’t swoon at his feet and they are stunning together. –Ebook Obsessed

I love Cecy Robson and this series, like all the others, is always a treat to follow!... In short, once again the author has succeeded in taking me completely into her narrative and I can only advise you to try the books! –Between Dreams and Reality

I loved both of these characters and Melissa was fantastic, she's confident in her abilities and doesn't let her hearing impairment hamper her in any way. She has fears and insecurities like any woman but overall she sees what she wants and she goes after it. It was great to read about a heroine with a disability where her hearing impairment is just a part of her character and not something she was defined by…Feel Me is another brilliant instalment to the series and I'm looking forward to seeing the remaining brothers get their own happily ever after. —Feeling Fictional

An emotional story that hooked me from the start and I couldn’t put it down until the very sweet end. –TJ Loves to Read

This is a book that I would read again.  I found myself wanting to get to know the O’Brien family and the significant others that come to change their lives.  Our author does a great job of showing how complicated our lives can be as we try to find our way through building a relationship.  But she doesn’t get too serious and even gets her readers to laugh every once in awhile.  We need to lighten up sometimes and not take things too seriously.  Feel Me is a story where you can just sit back and enjoy what the author has created.  It’s a great way to forget your day but be warned that you may not want to put the book down once you pick it up. –Lynn’s Romance Enthusiasm

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