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Cecy Robson
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Union of Souls - New Release - Ghost Story!

Cecy Robson, Author
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Tags: GhostStory
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If you ask Jace Seeborn what his parents do for a living he’ll tell you they’re in research. He will not tell you they’re ghost hunters. He doesn’t believe in ghosts. As the captain of the football team, he has a reputation to uphold. He’s worked long and hard to be popular. He doesn’t want to be labeled a freak like Ava Firelight, that strange girl who talks to herself and is always watching him.

Ava Firelight knows she’s different. “Normal” kids don’t receive glimpses of the future or have dead relatives stopping by to chat. But as different as Ava hates being, she can’t ignore her gifts, even if those gifts ostracize her from everyone, especially the captain of the football team.

Jace keeps his distance from Ava, until the day he ignores her warning and his parents fall into comas doctors can’t explain. Jace realizes the man responsible is the one Ava warned him about, a killer who died over a century ago.

Jace and Ava join forces. It becomes a race against time to stop the ghost before he finishes rising.

Multi-published international author, double-nominated RITA® finalist, Maggie  Award winner, & Award of Excellence winner. Armed with a vivid imagination and irreverant wit. Creator of heartfelt romances, magical worlds, and emotional character-driven stories.
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