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A Cursed Moon, Weird Girls Novella #2.5  

"For Weird Girls fans, you have to read this one....since the POV is from Bren we get to see Celia through new eyes, which makes me love her even more. She comes across as confident and intense, and it's fantastic. - USA Today, HEA


"I cannot get enough of Ms. Robson’s Weird Girls. I’ll say it again and again; I love her work, and this is one series I recommend to any PNR or UF readers."  - Under the Covers Book Blog

"I am usually not a fan of all the little side novellas in a series. In truth, I normally skip them. That did not stop me from scooping up, A Cursed Moon, and consumed it in a single sitting. I read this for the simple fact that I cannot get enough of this world and its characters...The story had suspense, danger, humor, and a few brilliant twists. Favorite characters make an appearance and enhance this story. I laughed and cried as I
read this tale."          - Caffeinated Book Reviewer

"I loved this novella! I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Cecy Robson since I read the first book in this series! Really, this woman knows how to write urban fantasy!"
- Love & Live to Read

"I adore Cecy Robson for being able to build such a fabulously complex character in a single novella...For a novella, A Cursed Moon is pretty eventful and it brings some permanent changes, which is rather unusual. I can’t wait to see how they will reflect on the series as a whole in Cursed by Destiny, the next novel in this wonderful series." - The Nocturnal Library

"A Cursed Moon is a delightful, action-packed read that will keep you satisfied until you can get your hands on the next installment in the series...."
- The Book-aholic Cat

"I’ve got to tell you, in my opinion, fans of this series MUST read this novella before the next book in the series, Cursed by Destiny.  This isn’t your ordinary “filler” novella...I could read and re-read this story over and over and over again and still smile over the silliness (and love) that is Bren."  
- My Para Hangover

REVIEWS (cont.)

"Cecy Robson's A Cursed Moon was as fantastic as all the reviews I read said it was! This short little read is an action packed adventure and not one to be missed if you're a fan of the Weird Girls series! " - A Great Read

"The story in A Cursed Moon is action packed and go go go as it is in all of the books in this series...Seriously, if you are a fan of quick paced, action filled urban fantasy tales featuring interesting super naturals that are on an emotional yet quirky journey, then you must give this series a try.  And if you are already reading it, get this novella."
- Yummy Men & Kick Ass Chicks

"This is the kind of novella I love to read. It is filled with familiar characters, there is plenty of action, some humor, and it moves the series along. Bren can be amusingly abrasive in his human form. As a werewolf, this lone wolf, is extremely dangerous...As with all of the Weird Sisters novels there is a strong ensemble of characters, the writing is enjoyable and the pacing terrific."         
- The Quillery

"An action packed adventure that I couldn’t put down. Bren is such a great character that you really fall in love with him A great fun novella to read in the Weird Girls series."
- Books of Love

"The story, typical to Cecy Robson style is action packed…If you’re a fan of Cecy’s Robsons Weird Girls novels this is a must read. If you haven’t started this series yet. I highly recommend it!"              
- Where the Night Kind Roam

"Oh Bren! I so love your story telling voice, A Cursed Moon was beyond entertaining thanks to you! A Cursed Moon is as fast paced, lively and dangerous as the previous books. Cecy Robson always adds these curious creatures into the mix. It'll be a long a$$ time before I get tired of the series."
- Talk Supe

The quotes posted on this page are just a small sample of the many fabulous reviews wriiten for A Cursed Moon and the Weird Girls Series by online bloggers, magazine and newspaper reviewers.

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