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A Cursed Bloodline, Weird Girls Book #4

"In A Cursed Bloodline, Robson splayed my heart open, chewed it and then carefully stitched it back together again." - Caffeinated Book Reviewer


"My legs are still shaking from this powerful, fast-paced, and violent tale. A Cursed Bloodline will make your heart race and you will shed friggin’ tears."  - Caffeinated Book Reviewer

"Overall, A Cursed Bloodline is the proof that Cecy Robson and her Weird Girls series deserve its place on the prize list of the best paranormal romance series. I recommend this title to every Weird Girls series lovers. Of course, to anyone out there who are looking for something new, hot, intriguing and refreshing to read, Cecy Robson will fulfill your desires!"
- Proserpine Craving Books

"A Cursed Bloodline is one of those books that is going to shock fans. I think you are going to love it! I am looking forward to the next book."   
- Paranormal Cravings

"A Cursed Bloodline had me completely gripped from the very beginning, so much so that I stayed up all night reading and finished it just before 7am! The book brought out so many intense emotions in me, I was shocked, angry, horrified, angry, hurt, angry, devastated, angry and heart broken. "    
- Feeling Fictonal

"As always, Cecy’s writing is top notch, she kept us engaged in this adventure with twists and turns that were completely unexpected, she brought us heartbreaks and joyous moments, and made her characters grow and evolve page after page."   
- The Bookaholic Cat

"I absolutely LOVED Celia. She is brave and strong and loves those in her life so big. I so hated that not even her sisters could be with her to fight this battle. And an epic battle it turns out to be once a witch gets involved as well. I couldn't put it down until the very last page and I can't wait to read the rest of the books in the series."  
- She Hearts Books

REVIEWS (cont.)

"Jam packed with action, suspense, kickass girls - brace yourself Cecy fans, A Cursed Bloodline will take you for an emotional roller-coaster ride. It left me not only without any sleep but stripped of every energy to function the day after reading this book. And with that said, A Cursed Bloodline is one of my Top Picks of the year."  -  Under the Covers Book Blog

"I can only advise you to start this series if it is not done already, it’s one of my favorites. You will be completely blown away by the story, the characters and the pace without being able to stop reading it. And I can tell you now that I am again very excited to be able to read more!"
- Between Dreams and Reality

"The fourth book in The Weird Girls series is the best yet. Cecy has outdone herself. I have long love the way that she writes, but this book was amazing. It was action packed and filled with all the drama that you know you love. For those of you who might not be into the supernatural, this series would be the perfect way to give it a try. A Cursed Bloodline grabs you, throws you to the wall, and then leaves you wanting more. Who else is ready for book five?"  
- Art, Books, & Coffee

"Once again I am blown away by Robson's ability to bring out both the best in me and the worst. She delivers in another spell binding addition to the Weird Girl series that had me constantly on the edge of my seat never knowing what to expect next...I think Robson may have ruined all other UF books for me."
- My Guilty Obsession

"Cecy Robson is one of my absolute favorite authors and each book that she writes becomes more gut-wrenching and brilliant than the last.  A Cursed Bloodline is an amazing addition to the Weird Girls paranormal series and after finishing it, I’m dying to read the next installment."
- Books-n-Kisses

The quotes posted on this page are just a small sample of the many fabulous reviews wriiten for Cursed by Destiny and the Weird Girls Series by online bloggers, magazine and newspaper reviewers.

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